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Bouncing is ideal for pain or tension in the back and neck ...

Bouncing or rebalancing consists of giving a deep massage as well as relieving nervous or muscular tensions.
It reduces and eliminates blockages and therefore pain.

It is an ancestral method, a precision technique which applies to the entire neuro-articular and tendino-ligament system as well as to the peripheral nervous system.
As a result of tension, fatigue or stress , the body may experience pain in the muscles and joints.

Sciatica, lumbago, stiff neck, tendonitis, various sprains no longer hold any secrets for Natacha.

Rebouteux: the name can be scary. Even reject. As old as the dawn of time, the profession has not aged a bit. It is somewhere the ancestor of the physiotherapist and the osteopath. The first appeared in the 13th century. They still exist today, far from the somewhat ancestral and esoteric folklore, which seems to stick to this practice, often classified - wrongly - in the box of healers, with clairvoyants and other sellers of elixirs ... ladepeche.fr

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  • Durée: La durée de la séance dépend du motif de la consultation. Il est conseillé de se revoir deux semaines après la séance puis un mois plus tard selon le motif de la consultation.
  • Contre indications: Insuffisance cardiaque sévère non compensée Etats infectieux avec fièvre
  • Prix de la séance: CHF 65.- 30 min | CHF 120.- 1heure